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Fix a Slow-Loading Website With Dedicated Hosting

When you click on a website, how long do you give it to load before you leave? Studies show that most users won't tolerate a site that loads slowly or incompletely. Among mobile users, 53% will abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds. Nearly 10% of web users will leave after 2 seconds.

When it comes to your company's website, slow loading means lost business. Those potential customers will visit someone else's site.

Creative Business System has the solution. We provide website hosting on dedicated servers. That might sound complicated, but it means that your website loads faster and more reliably when you have us handle it. Your customers will have a better website experience, and that turns into more business for you.

To learn more about our hosting services, please fill out our convenient Online Form or give us a call. We can upgrade your current website's hosting, and we can design a whole new site.

How Does Dedicated Hosting Work?

Dedicated hosting works a lot like the computers you use every day. If you make one computer do several things at once — say, play a video, open an email, open several websites, play music, and edit a photo — it's going to do all of them slowly.

Website hosting works the same way. If your website is on a shared server, it's competing for system resources with everything else on that server. Visitors to the site will get slower load times. Images will take longer to open, and pages might hang. Even worse, there may be a limit on how many visitors can be on your website at once.

That's bad news for you if your website directs customers to your store or encourages them to call. It's even worse if you do business through your website, like sell a product or schedule a service. Fortunately, CBS has the solution to slow websites.

Speed Up Your Website With Creative Business System Hosting

When you have Creative Business System host your website on a dedicated server, we'll ensure that it loads quickly and reliably. Your website will reside on a private, dedicated server that's rated 8th in the world.

We test your site on GTmetrix, a respected internet tool that analyzes load speed and other performance factors. We guarantee a super-smooth experience with 99.9% uptime, regular maintenance, and software updates. Google pays attention to site speed when it calculates rankings, and we strive for high numbers.

Other companies offer dedicated server hosting that costs around $100 (or more) every month. Our packages are much more affordable. There's no need to have hosting with another provider, especially since we offer it in addition to website design and maintenance. CBS is your one-call website solution.

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